Customized is an episode of Arby 'n' the Chief. It is the first episode to feature Halo: Custom Edition.


XBOX LIVE servers are down for some time. Arbiter and Chief, bored because they can't play Halo: Reach, try to pass some time playing Halo: Custom Edition together, thanks to Chief's modifications (using a LAN and two controllers, which in reality isn't possible). Almost every server they find is empty, except for a server on Coldsnap. They get the map and join it but the Arbiter only gets another example of Chief's poor skills...or more like, many examples. All of their strategies fail and they ultimately lose the match. However, Chief's experience is much different - he has great fun time as every time, he manages to fail in such a way that everyone thinks that Arbiter is the poorly skilled player. What further irritates Arbiter is the fact that Chief had recorded all of their "brilliant progress" and posted on Youtube, labelled 'How to Lose a Halo Match, by Arbiter'.

How to Lose a Halo Match, by ArbiterEdit

How to Lose a Halo Match by Arbiter

How to Lose a Halo Match by Arbiter

Chief's Video, Ep 1