She stood in front of the church, wondering whether or not she should go in. The piece of garbage inside the casket isn't worth my time, She thought. Turning around, she got into a 20-year-old Camry and began driving down to the bridge to Staten Island. The beat-up car smelled of Jack Daniel's and there was a splotch of dried blood on the seat. "Fucking shit!" yelled Kylie as she slammed onto her brakes. A teen in a white sports car, maybe 17 years old ran several doughnuts around the intersection before speeding off with another car racing alongside. Rolling down her window, she yelled at the top of her lungs "YOU PIECE OF SHIT!" Speeding onto the bridge, she slowed down as she started seeing cars ahead of her. What dumbass crashed his car now? she thought.

Arriving home, she pulled into the garage, and entered the house. She turned around and replaced the somewhat wilting flowers in the vase with new ones. Sitting beside the vase was a photograph of her mother. Her smile was plastic, and looking inside her you could see that she was dead inside. The abuse she had been through had been too much, and she hung herself in an abandoned apartment. The cold uncaring POS of Kylie's father didn't care. When the police came to inform him, he was not only piss-drunk, but he laughed his ass off. Kylie climbed the stairs, and settled down in the bedroom. Her iPhone's alarm started ringing, but she pressed the snooze button. She started thinking about what her father did to her, and shivered. Tears rolled down her cheeks, and crawled towards the Xbox. Men were horrible beings to her. All they cared about was entertaining themselves with shows of brutality, and didn't care about the other side of the human race. Remembering all the times she had been rejected, all the fat skinhead racists she would see by the meth-house next door. She would show the world that justice would prevail. She would destroy one of the pillars of immaturity, misogyny, and racism. All the bad in the world funnelled into a hell that was being pushed as entertainment, and was being consumed by children who would learn to live like the evil in the hell-hole. Plugging in the Western Digital enclosed hard drive, she held down the power button for a minute, and then pushed the on button.

“Are you sure she's here?” asked Arbiter. “y3ah, im suure sh3's h33r.” said Master Chief as he noticed Kylie turning on her cloak.

“Well where is she?”

“shes h33r arbitur...l00ks b3h1nd u!”

“I don't see anybody.”

“my roflknief goes sliec sliec sliec”

Arbiter didn't have enough time to turn back around to counter the move. Setting his controller aside, he watched as chief's character plunged the blade into his spine, before pushing his corpse aside.

"Is it done?" asked a female voice

"im sur3 bb...<3"

Kylie raised her needle rifle, and began to shoot.