when arbiter put greg in the mix ture while he turn it on and thinking it was unpluged it turn out to be plug plus it mix greg to death


arbiter was sleeping in his bedroom he wakes up and remeber a thing


greg's sign: hahahaha i beat you

arbiter: that's impossible i was trying to win

(flashback end)

arbiter: i'm going to tkae my vengence on greg for beating me on halo 3 odst

meanwhile at the living room greg was sleeping on his web bed

arbiter was using the rope to pull greg

arbiter: i hope you learn your lesson brat

so arbiter pulled greg while he's sleeping

somewhere at the kitchuin greg was in the mix ture while he wroke up and he sees arbiter

greg's sign: arbiter what am i doing in the mix ture

arbiter: i put you there now that will teach you a lesson

greg's sign: for what

arbiter: for beating at halo 3 odst

greg's sign: so what i like beating you that time

arbiter put the mix ture on

greg's sign; you better not put it on

arbiter: oh shut up greg it's not even really on it's just un plugged look

arbiter pressed the mix button

arbiter: see

somehow it was moving it was killing greg

arbiter: (freaking out) OH MY GOSH OH MY GOSH OH MY GOSH OH MY GOSH

greg's sign; turn it off

arbiter: i'm hurring i'm hurring

greg's sign: hurry

arbiter: i'm trying

as arbiter turn it off it was too late

arbiter pulled out greg

arbiter: greg i am so sorry

greg's sign:(dying) poop you arbiter poop you (dead)

arbiter is worried

arbiter: no stay with me stay with me are you there

arbiter cries from his accidental murder he decided to put him in the trash can which was full then he put it in the dumbster then the garbage truck appeared while it take th trash bag away

arbiter was looking at the window

arbiter: so long greg(sniff) i'll miss you

just then he heard chief's voice

chief: grg grg wer r u

as arbiter runned away he looked at the mixture plug

arbiter: oh come on

chief appeared

chief: wats up rbitr

arbiter:(acting natural) uhh fine i'm fine

chief: bye da wai hav u c grg eye cant fid hime

arbiter: uhh no

chief: hav u alsoe cn coretanna

arbiter: i don't know

cortana appeared

arbiter grabbed cortana

arbiter: we'll be right back

arbiter closed the bathroom door

chief: k

at the bathroom

arbiter: i hope it's not nesecary

cortana: i saw you

arbiter: see me did what

cortana: you destroyed greg

arbiter: it was an accident

cortana; there is no accidental

arbiter: i mean it was because it turn out to be plug by the way did you plug it

cortana: no you stupid some of a jerk

arbiter: so it was chief i am so gonna beat his butt

cortana: he will never do anything like that and he is a better fighter you no

arbiter: i got an idea

cortana: i hope it's not a stupid idea

30 mins later

chief; u where saign grg movd bak 2 hs famalie

cortana: that is true

arbiter: totally

chief: nw tat h's gon i ame al alon subb subb(running away while crying)

cortana: thank's alot arbiter now you made us broke his feelings i am so sick of you sometimes anyway

cortana left

arbiter: poop me