Scrapped is an episode of Arby 'n' the Chief. This is the first episode written, produced and directed by Jetfire343. The episode is split into two parts.


Arbiter and Chief are roleplaying in Halo: Reach, on a map somewhat like Yoyorast Island built in Forge World, when a player named DecepticonJetfire3434343 joins them. Chief is annoyed at first when Jetfire challenges and almost beats him and Arbiter in a race on the map. Just as Jetfire is about to win, DecepticonMegatron4343434 joins in, gets a rocket and shoots Jetfire's hog. The Chief insists Arbiter to stop driving and gun for him, letting him drive the Warthog. Arbiter reluctantly agrees, saying that he did not do it for Chief, but to "avoid losing the golden chance Megatron's shot has given" to them. Jetfire, meanwhile, gets a Mongoose through an alternate path, sneaking RIGHT behind Megatron and splattering him. Megatron discovers that they weren't actually in a custom game after all and were in Forge. He spawns a grid to push Jetfire (who didn't know that they were in Forge) into the water, and pushes him even, making Jetfire realize that he has accidentally joined a game of Forge.

Just as the Chief is driving to victory, a Mongoose comes flying from behind them, touches down right in front of Chief's Warthog, and crosses the Finish line before Chief does. The Mongoose driver is revealed to be Jetfire.

Megatron respawns and this time, snipes Arbiter, Chief and Jetfire. The three private message each other and plan to unite against their common enemy. Arbiter and Chief take advantage of a glitch - if they take an Armor Lock, activate it, then go to monitor mode and delete all Armor Locks, then they will be Armor Locked forever, unless killed by Guardians or assassinated. Arbiter and Chief locate Megatron and approach him head on, jetpacking up to his sniper nest, pointing their guns at him while Jetfire uses Active Camouflage to sneak behind Megatron. Megatron tries hard to kill Arbiter and Chief, and accuses them of using cheats, but Arbiter keeps him involved in a war of words long enough to allow Jetfire to sneak up behind Megatron, place a universal spawn point there and assassinate him. Megatron respawns there, and gets spawnkilled by Jetfire again. Enraged by this, Megatron leaves the game, after saying that he surely will have his revenge on them.

Arbiter asks Jetfire about the trick of forcing spawn at a fixed place. Jetfire says that it's something that "the half-wit novice Megatron didn't know", about having only one spawn point on the map. The Chief gets very angry at Jetfire for removing the spawn points he had placed "in a very calculated, logical and careful way". Jetfire simply replies to this by saying "Here we go again...and again..."