Part 1Edit

[Arbiter and Chief are playing on a map similar to Yoyorast Island built on Forge World]

  • Chief: Your idea of a race map was good.
  • Arbiter: My idea was MAKE one not COPY one.
  • Chief: I made it, didn't I?
  • Arbiter: The original was by someone else. And WE made it in Reach remember?
  • Chief: I don't see any difference. Be clear.
  • Arbiter: I just mean to say that....

​[DecepticonJetfire3434343 joins the game]

  • Chief: You said this server was invite only.
  • Arbiter: Yes and you said you were making something original. It's as Invite-Only as this map is original.
  • DecepticonJetfire3434343: Hello all! Whoa nice map. Your idea?
  • Chief: Yes. My ideas are all nice.
  • DecepticonJetfire3434343: This seems like...Oh are you that Halo CE map maker Yoyorast?
  • Chief: Ye...
  • Arbiter: No he's not.
  • Arbiter (to Chief, with headset off): Stop taking credit for others' works! I tell you to stop that, and what do you do?
  • Chief (to Arbiter, with headset off): I make such cool maps.
  • DecepticonJetfire3434343: Anyways, want to race?
  • Chief: Yes. 3. 2. 1. We've won. Loser.
  • Arbiter: As far as my brain can think, he means an actual one, not an imaginary one like your brilliant thoughts.
  • Chief: Thank you for the praise.
  • DecepticonJetfire3434343: He means that your brain is as flat as a flatbed truck.
  • Arbiter: Yes we'll race.
  • DecepticonJetfire3434343: Good.
  • Arbiter: But we have three players. How can we equally divide teams? There are just two Warthogs.
  • Chief: Then spawn another.
  • Arbiter: Look at the budget.

[Chief looks at the Forge Budget, which reads $0]

  • Chief: Bungie should have implemented Forge World in the Beta. Then I would have mailed them that the Forge budget is way too low. They should have made it like five zillions.
  • Arbiter: There is no such thing as five zillions. That's just a word to signify a huge number.
  • Chief: :(
  • DecepticonJetfire3434343: A sword duel? Me and Chief can duel and decide who is better. The winner gets the extra teammate as gunner.

[The duel commences, Arbiter begins the countdown. Just as he says 2, Chief says Go and strikes Jetfire, who activates Armor Lock and attacks milliseconds after Chief's second attack after Arbiter's "Go". Chief also activates Armor Lock, but when Arbiter points out Chief's foul, Chief furiously says that the Duel ends with one dying and the other surviving. Chief takes advantage of DecepticonJetfire3434343 distracted by Arbiter and sends him text messages, and kills him when Jetfire is reading those]

  • DecepticonJetfire3434343: What in the name of the AllSpark is this?

​[Arbiter secretly turns off Chief's headset]

  • Arbiter: Sorry for the headache.
  • DecepticonJetfire3434343: You keep that headache with you. Even though he cheated, which makes ME the rightful winner, you can have that half-wit-sea-gherkin-and-the-king-of-interplanetary-pirates...did I say the most irritating virus? Anyways. The point is - I am NOT teaming up with him.
  • Chief: Half-wit novice interplanetary spaceman yourself.
  • Arbiter (thoughts): Say whatever you want Chief! He won't hear you!
  • Chief: I was talking to you Arbiter. For muting me.
  • DecepticonJetfire3434343: Guys just stop it. It's ok. Let's just start a race.

​[Race starts, and Jetfire is clearly beating Chief, while Arbiter is uselessly being a gunner as the rules they set say "no killing"]

  • Arbiter: This is boring. What am I doing? When I am not watching you two race, I am watching you to fight. Or worse - You Chief, shouting at me.
  • Arbiter: At least mute the headset while telling me...I hear two Chiefs shouting. And where exactly is the radio that you think is "obviously visible"?
  • Chief: In the Warthog. Look at the screens in between my seat and side seat.
  • Arbiter: That's a radar. And those songs are...beeps...that an enemy is nearby, who turns out to be good ol' Jetfire.

[Suddenly, DecepticonMegatron4343434 joins in, picks up a Rocket Launcher and fires at DecepticonJetfire3434343]

  • DecepticonMegatron4343434: Surprise!
  • DecepticonJetfire3434343: What in the name of Primus' two-ton cannons is that?
  • Chief: Who's that? Friend of yours?
  • DecepticonJetfire3434343: An extremely friendly one...