The Adventures of Clyde and Adam revolves around two former members of Chaos Theosis - Clyde, the former leader who relies on his intelligence and precision strikes; and Adam, the argumentative and perverse 10 year old kid who is addicted to Halo: Reach. The show focuses on their adventures after the dissolution of Chaos Theosis, as Kylie has finally racked up enough cash to move out of her home, no thanks to Clyde or Chaos Theosis. Meanwhile, Duncan owns a successful gaming business and travels every day, living very high on the hog, leaving Clyde on his own. That is, until one former member is released from juvenile hall, and would change his life forever.

Characters Edit

Clyde – the former leader of the now dissolved Chaos Theosis and the now-defunct Phoenix of Disorder. Having been kicked from the hacker community and fired by Trent Donnovich, Clyde isn’t having the best of times. Despite all this, he still maintains his viciousness and intelligence; but at the same time, he has become cynical and nihilistic. He sports the Assault Rifle and the Magnum.

Adam - the hyperactive former Chaos Theosis enforcer. Having been released from Juvenile Hall at age 10, Adam has finally decided to turn a new leaf (not to mention that his father was welcomed back into his life). He denounces his past behavior toward his mother, and has seen his life in a different perspective. Despite this, he still shows that he is tough and skilled, even without his hacks. Adam sports the Sniper Rifle and the Rocket Launcher.