The dog

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arby n the chief the dog

added on 9/17/14

created by keyboy2332

This Page Is Still a work in progess

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Chief: Hello?... wtf is this? ???: hey excuse me sir who are you? Chief: AAAHHHHHH!!!! HOLY CRAP!! (passes out)  ???: sir? Are you ok? Chief: YOUR GOD DAM RITE I AM >:( ???: look theres a dog in the house we got to hide Chief AAAHHHHH PUT MEH DOWN WH3RES ARBITER?? ???: Whom? Chief: WHO THE FUCK R U!!??  ???:im onua nice to meet you Chief: o rly? Onua: yes now hurry!! (onua goes under the bed with chief) chief: is taht ding gon3? onua: I wish hey whats your name anyway? chief: im master chief!! onua: well some1,s a halo fan chief: u dun like halo???? onua: I do but I like other game chief:.................fagg0t! onua: how dose that make me a homosexuel? chief cuz u dusent like halos onua: just cause I like other things dosent mean I hate it! chief: o plz I know a real halo fan whin I see- (dog sniffs under the bed but cant find anything and then he leaves the room) onua: allright I wanna show u my friends in here this is Daniel a Moc sam made a few days ago. hes our lead Daniel: hi onua: this is balta. he would watch football a lot!! theres no telling if he,ll become An NFL player. there are a few members here but we lost them.... chief: wut u mean? daniel we were hinking in the trees out for apples. than we lost a couple of our men.

chief: crying face :,( Daniel: its sad toys get buyed by children. they grow up. they sell it. but sam would never sell us. nuparu and ackar were with us but there somewhere now.....somewhere....

ackar: where are we? nuparu: i dont kno- hey"! what that? ackar: welcome to [CITY NAME CENCORED FOR PROTECTION] is this were they are? nuparu: lets find out.